Periodontal Therapy

periodontial therapy las vegas nvPeriodontal Therapy

The leading cause of tooth loss among adults is periodontists. However, being diagnosed with periodontal disease does not necessarily mean you are going to loose your teeth. The good news is, there have been major advances in non-surgical periodontal treatment for chronic periodontal disease. Your dentist and hygienist at Advanced Dentistry can help you improve and maintain a healthy smile.

At Advanced Dentistry our state-of-the-art ultrasonic scalers have been designed by a periodontist for maximum effectiveness on root surfaces. When combined with antibiotic gels, which are placed below the gum line will often reduce the need for periodontal surgery. The latest treatment innovation,Perio-Protect, further reduces the need for surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

We take every opportunity to help you control your periodontal disease problem non-surgically and then reevaluate to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. If surgical treatment is required, the treatments maximize your comfort and your ability to regrow lost periodontal support.