root canal therapyDo you need a root canal?

If so your not alone! More than 14 million people undergo root canal therapy each year to help save their natural teeth and avoid unnecessary tooth loss and the resulting needed replacements like dental implants or bridges,

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth’s nerve or pulp area becomes diseased or injured you may need a special dental procedure called root canal therapy. A root canal treatment may help you save the affected tooth. Root canal therapy is a fairly serious operation and requires a significant amount of training and education. Root canals are performed using advanced techniques and materials, making them far more comfortable and faster than they used to be.

perio treatmentRoot Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the process of trying to save a dying tooth by repairing and cleaning out damaged nerve systems. This is an attempt to save the natural tooth if possible instead of extracting it. If the diseased pulp is not removed, your tooth becomes infected and you could lose it. During a root canal, the dentist removes the pulp, cleans the root canal and seals the canal to protect it. Once you are healed, your dentist places a crown over the tooth to help make it stronger. Generally, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort.