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Las Vegas invisalign preferred provider Steve Lazar, DMD can straighten your smile without traditional shiny, metal braces, elastic bands and retainers.Thanks to exciting advances in Invisalign orthodontic care you can say goodbye to the shine and say hello to a practically invisible way to straighten teeth. Now there is often no need for unsightly and uncomfortable metal wires or brackets with thanks to this amazing orthodontic process. Many can now have straighter teeth and a more attractive smile with Invisalign’s clear plastic aligners. To find out if you are a candidate for invisalign treatment call us today and schedule your FREE Consultation. Dr. Lazar will provide you with a complete consultation and fully explain your treatment options for attaining a beautiful straight smile.

What are Aligners?Invisalign las vegas nv

Invisallign Aligners are clear, removable appliances that are used in series to gradually straighten teeth. They look a lot like teeth-whitening trays, but are designed to apply controlled force to move teeth sequentially, and incrementally, throughout the course of treatment. Invisalign Aligners are made from strong, clear medical grade plastic that provides a comfortable, unnoticeable fit – no more bands or wires to irritate your mouth or affect your speech!

Why should I consider Invisalign?

There are several reasons that make invisalign treatment attractive to those wanting straighter teeth. The first and most obvious is because they are so unnoticeable most people will probably never notice your wearing them. So no need to be self conscious about having a mouth full of metal. Additionally, the clear aligners are removable so you eat can whatever you want whenever you want. No more avoiding hard or sticky foods to get straight teeth! You’re free to remove the Invisalign aligner to enjoy an apple, corn-on-the-cob or a piece of Grandma’s sticky caramel. With no bands or metal brackets or sharp wires in the treatment mix. Clean up after eating is a breeze and great oral hygiene is just a brush and floss away.

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